Walk in Spain to encounter Gaudi and Picasso in Winter

This winter, if you want to travel to Europe, but afraid of cold, how can you do? Do you want to crazy go shopping leaving the country, can you only go to France? No, go to Spain right, everything can be fulfilled. Spain in all the year round, the coldest is in the January and February. The average temperature is 8 degrees to 13 degrees.

In Barcelona feels Gaudi’s tight rope
Spain is absolutely a place is a small town but has a great love, come to Barcelona, you prefer to believe that this is a dazzling illusions. Streets of ancient cities and modern high-rise coexist, it should be is a contradictory polymer, but strangely coruscate different artistic aesthetic feeling, the local people have been accustomed to, and tourists from all over the world like it very much.

The Miro, Gaudi, Picasso and the artist’s works are the card of the city, but only “a devil of a genius” Gaudi seized the glory of all the city. His works is strange, mysterious and full of fairytales fantasy, walking in Barcelona street, all are filled with Gaudi’s symbol, Palau Güell, Palau Güell garden, and Myra apartment are all great masterpiece of Gaudi, and the most famous is the Sagrada Familia, this also is the landmark building of Barcelona. There is no cross flat and upright that we used to see in other European cathedral, but full of emotional appeal details: skeleton head shaped balcony, pillars like bone, roof is full of the scale, backwash of exterior wall and the colorful Mosaic inserted all sorts of adornment, make you have not enough eyes to see. You can only marvel, only in Gaudi buildings can be seen such tight rope design.

In Marbella accepts Picasso’s edification
In addition to Barcelona, during the winter, in Spain, the most suitable place for vacation is the Marbella. In the Spanish’s southernmost place, here in winter is always bright and sunny. Beach, entertainment, and shopping is its three keywords. Here port always stops full yacht, in the street loiter about are all the old European man, ask someone you can just know, all of them come here to go on vacation or retirement.

Spain’s artistic breath sends out in each place. Barcelona has strange Gaudi, and here, belongs to unruly Picasso. In the old town of Marbella has Picasso Museum, inside decorated with many paintings of Picasso of all times. Many artists operate shops here. The reason is just to walk beside the Picasso museum every day. As Spain’s character, their expression is so bold, direct and made no effort to hide.

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