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Heat Brazilian tourism raider


Brazil World Cup next year in Brazil 12 different cities organized. Semi-finals will be held in Belo Horizonte and Sao Paulo. Third-place match will be held in Brasilia, and the finals will be staged in Rio de Janeiro.

Ticket Information
World Cup goalkeeper vote on August 20, 2013 episodes. You can log in from July 1 Ticket FIFA’s official website. The above will provide detailed information about ticketing. World Cup in Brazil, the official online registration, registration of the relevant ticket information, the official website will then get in touch with you the first time.
Rio de Janeiro, there are buses, taxis and the subway. But the bus thief many tourists travel by bus, especially to pay attention, try to take a taxi. Do not stay in the street at night, not to go to the beach walk. Downtown Rio, evenings and weekends are sparsely populated. It is best to take day trips.

Brazil’s per capita monthly income of about 680 Australian dollars, but the gap is very poor. The bottom 10% of the monthly income of the people is only 77 Australian dollars, while the richest 10% of Brazilians monthly income are as high as $ 3000.

Foreign tourists do understand Portuguese most vulnerable to criminals of all ages. Brazil’s violent crime rate is very high. Visitors must be vigilant and keep up the latest media intelligence. Brazil’s crime rate is still rising. The government sent a large number of police patrols near the slums, to combat drugs and gun fire sale. To unite the whole city to renounce their world-renowned “notorious.”

Christianity is the largest religion in Brazil.

Cost of living
Compared with other regions in South America, Rio de Janeiro, the standard of living is relatively high. In 2012, it was selected for the U.S. consulting firm Mercer named “the world’s highest standards of living 50 cities”. 250ml Coca-Cola installed in this price $ 1. Meal ordinary three-course meals need 35 Australian dollars.

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Australian experiences water Fire unite the Australian


Australia is the only country with a whole continent in the world, is also one of the world’s longest coastline, copy is vast, but never see repeated scenery, blue paradise on the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland and western Australia none of whale sharks swam LuJiao, dark blue, light blue, green, or crystal clear sea water, form the myriad changes in the sun of the cultural landscape and colorful seashore. Here has a walk not coast, sea water ripples scenery!

Lord Howe Island in the Tasman Sea (Tasman Sea) is a magical wonderland island, less than two hours from Sydney and Brisbane flight. The life carefree, not artificial damage, the beauty of the island, only about 300 year-round residents, at the same time can accommodate 400 tourists. Limit of motor vehicles on the island, only a street through this charming villages, the island’s most area are included in the Reserve Marine Park and subtropical rain forest, so the bike is the best tool to around here. There is no mobile signal here Oh, suspending disbelief city CARES and revel in the idyllic scenery.

In st kinda districts located in Melbourne, you can together with the locals, walk along the seaside avenue stroll, walking, riding a bicycle; In Auckland Street (Acland Street) that appetising old pastry shop taste cake; In the moon Park (Luna Park) old wooden roller coaster ride; Or join fay ROM Street (Fitzroy Street) carnival team all day and all night. The beaches here are accessible, try setting sail, windsurfing and kite surfing. Every Sunday also can go to the busy St kinda seaside holiday art fair (St. Kilda Arts & Craft Market) to pick their favorite handicrafts. In the summer breath everywhere feels the city street, the beach and romantic surprise!

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