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Beautiful Cape Town in South Africa


In the morning it is side by side with the Atlantic Ocean, at night hug Indian to dream, penguins are the neighborhood, listening to the seals singing, Talang chase the shark, the wind associated with ostrich race, enjoy the release of any loaded with eager hearts, the definition of freedom is therefore more fullness. Here is the city of Cape. It is beautiful due to God’s favor…

From the Cape of Storms to the Cape of Good Hope, a beautiful hopeegyptische skulpturen

Cape Town has hardships, but still beautiful as ever. Unique natural scenery created this vibrant seaside city in the land of Africa.

Cape of Good Hope was once the end of the world, the synonymous of terrifying waves, and the maritime lifeline cannot be replaced, the rebirth place in the movie “2012″ after the catastrophe, also not faded memories of childhood textbooks. For a long period of time, almost no one knew of the existence of this cape, Dias Da Jiama these famous navigator, so hide more than one century splendor of stunning available, as well as open a the entrance of a new era. Sail here begins the Atlantic into the Indian Ocean; open up here. It is historic communicating the East and West of the road at sea; bypass to the 15th century, Westerners dream of India. King of Portugal excitement Dias named storm Corner renamed the Cape of Good Hope “, meaning “good hope cape”. Not only that era, the present and the future, the Cape of Good Hope are existing, expectation and hope have been existing!

Table Mountain, the largest dining table in the world
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Table Mountain is in this existence. It has been a symbol of South Africa, the sacred mountain of the hearts of the people, the city of Cape Town’s most gentle rely summon issued by the world’s new seven natural wonders of the world the adhere to the share of the way from the three hundred million years ago. Embark on Table Mountain retreat very calm for the time being, just into a bird with wings and praise with clouds. Step forward, sentimental without disguise to talk with the love of the Atlantic, caught the fish.

This is the world’s largest table. The favorite of the people of South Africa makes it have the reputation of “God’s table”. Since glory belongs to God, beauty is also a cuisine, rarely his old willing to share with the world the summit of that round after round miracle visual feast. As early as in the Rocky Mountains and the Himalayas before the formation of the Table Mountain Enron world. This ancient left most solid play, easily captured the Cape Town until the heart of South Africa as a whole. Table Mountain has been existing, dedication and courage also have been existing.

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