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The best tourist destination in Spring in 2013



Jaipur, India Holi

Jaipur, capital of Rajasthan, the buildings show terra-cotta here in the Old Town, so gotten the name of the “Pink City”. Every spring in the Holi festival, revelers bustling has even turned it into the color of the sea. Hopi is a Hindu festival, also known as the color section, it symbolizes the arrival of spring, Holi this year from March 27. Annual Holi festival, local residents and tourists will be happy for a color war, mutual splashed color powder and perfume. Each year the annual elephant festival in Jaipur will be held March 26. Polo Square during the festive season, there will be an elephant polo match and tug of war, in addition to the elephant parade.


In the North Island of New Zealand Waikato

Waikato region covers an area of 25.000 square miles, with a rolling farm and the black sand beacbeach.Additionly, there is also the focus of a lot of volcanoes and caves, fireflies sparkling in caves. The movie “The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit: Unexpected Journey” was shooting in the small town of Matamata, which attract many fans swarmed. Waikato, visitors can take a rope into the Waitomo Caves Glance magical landscape, can go to the famous surfing beaches Raglan Surf, hot air balloon ride overlooking the beautiful scenery here.


Tulip Festival, Netherlands Northeast polder

In the end of March to early May of every year, the rows of blooming tulips like ribbon tile in the Netherlands. Flevoland province, about 5,000 acres of flower fields, but most of it located in the Northeast polder. Tulip Festival April 18 and continued until June 6, people can self-drive private cars, riding a bike, walking on foot or take a carriage distinct trails, enjoy the beautiful scenery.

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