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The legendary romantic land – Whitsunday



Coast to Airlie Beach, gateway to the Whitsunday Islands. A colorful, very urbanized, distributing attractive seaside town, a little bit of calm sea on a yacht here in addition to the supply of accommodation and entertainment devices, the needs of tourists basically can be met. Can go about 10km from Airlie Beach the Saudi Harbor, where the boat to reach the island resort, also can rent a private boat to reach the Great Barrier Reef tour. In addition, the heart-shaped reef has a very high reputation, White haven Beach, in the Whitsunday Islands. I told you a Tips, just go Mt.Rooper Lookout viewing point, we can see the entire Whitsunday Island and nearby islands constitute a picturesque scenery, it is mesmerizing.

Whitsunday Islands White haven Beach has repeatedly been rated as one of the best beaches in the world, with your lover to take a helicopter flying in the Whitsunday Islands White haven Beach over, side by side overlooking the Whitsunday Islands 74 charming beauty of the island, until the pilot lead your lover the huge beach suitor banner “Will you marry me?” How can that moment that she will never forget! The courtship success can enjoy a romantic champagne beach dinner to celebrate. White haven Beach stretches seven kilometers, to preserve the original style of the one without a cut and polish diamonds in the rough in the Whitsunday Islands. Seawater at low tide, quietly sitting on the beach, feet buried in the soft siliceous beach, watching the clear waters continue to lap against the shore.

Ferries, yachts, helicopters, seaplanes, and all can be reached at White haven Beach, an unforgettable travel. There are some shipping companies will provide charter accommodation tourist route. So you have more time to stay in White haven Beach. From several resort islands such as Hamilton Island, Hayman Island, Daydream Island in the Whitsunday Islands, Souter harbor and Airlie Beach, all depart.

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