Places You Must Visit During Monsoon

Being located on an ideal geographical region, India enjoys almost every season and subsequently, it has a number of vacation destinations for different seasons. For instance, during warm summer tourists run for beach destinations or hill stations while during winters they tend to travel warm destinations. Well, here we are talking of monsoon season that typically occur during the period of ‘June to September’ in India. It is the time when the rain drops and fresh breeze works a magic by fulfilling the quench of dry earth and flourishes the land altogether. The refreshing monsoon holiday is a raging trend amongst holiday makers and due to this interest, many travel operators lure travelers with great monsoon offers and discounts on India travel. However, choosing a right monsoon holiday destination in India can be tricky, so to make your task easy, we have listed some places ideal for monsoon holiday in India.


A land of sea, sand and sun, Goa is a year round holiday destination; however the beauty of Goa during monsoon is truly amazing. The monsoon season i.e. from June to September endows it with lush greenery as nature flourishes here during the period. In fact, the monsoon brings an aroma of romance in Goan environs. Nonetheless, it all depends on you where you want to visit Goa on beaches, Dudhsagar Falls or cruising from Panaji.


Rajasthan, the land of royal Rajputs and immense stretch of Thar Desert waits for monsoon to quench the thirst of land and provide much-needed relief from the three long months of summer. However, the main highlight of monsoon is the holy month of Shravan (that coincides with July-August) which embarks a series of festive days in Rajasthan. The arrival of monsoon is commemorated with many tradition customs and colorful festivals like ‘Teej’ during which women enjoy swings hung from trees and pray for marital bliss. So, if you want to explore the real colorful Rajasthani culture, monsoon is an ideal time.


Popularly known as God’s Own Country, Kerala is privileged for being the first southern state to receive the monsoon annually. Throughout the year, Kerala remains covered under a thick green belt of forests but the arrival of monsoon rains adds up an alluring beauty to it. In fact, many travel agents and tour operators run special offers or holiday packages for monsoon extravaganza in Kerala. Moreover, the monsoon season is considered best for enjoying the authentic Ayurvedic rejuvenation of Kerala. So, you have plenty of options to indulge yourself in the beauty and charm of Kerala during monsoons.

Shillong, East India

Another popular monsoon holiday destination of India is Shillong. A stunning capital of north-eastern state of Meghalaya, this beautiful city is blessed with the spectacular beauty of nature. Because of its mystical natural beauty, Shillong is often referred to as the ‘Scotland of East’. There are many interesting places in Shillong that is a must watch for tourists. Shillong has its own unique nature beauty. During monsoon, lakes and waterfalls plays rhythmical music and wind whispers through dense forests. The attractions of this beautiful place is Elephant Falls, Wards Lake, etc.

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