A intimate contact with the world of wild

Kenya’s Masai Mara lions and various other wildlife

Visitors to Kenya Masai Mara is an ideal place for wildlife watching.Lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, buffalo, warthogs, jackals, and many other wild animals inhabit this vast land. Masai tribe lived here, everywhere wild atmosphere. Visitors can compose 4X4 small groups, by the tour guide into the park to play more than one day. Notably, the best in the dry season to go, because of the dry season when the animals gathered at the edge of a pool will facilitate visitors to watch.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe Elephant Sanctuary

On both sides of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe or South Africa, both are multiply with many wild animals. Visitors can come to the delegation, in the sanctuary to experience this beautiful wild forces. The diagram consists of Alison shoot, she’s an elephant in Zimbabwe shelter work, take care of a famous Doma baby elephant.

Gansbaai, South Africa gluttonous land shark

Want to see Jaws style, might come to South Africa Gansbaai, Cape Town waters will be your best place to go. “Seal Island” is located on the premises of the coast, where abundant seafood, is simply gluttonous land shark, predator paradise. Sitting under the bait boat into the sea, and within 30 minutes, the white shark appears. Dive into the sea connoisseurs will throw bait or tuna-like seal head. Once the shark bite the bait, hooks inside will lead to its cage. Thus, the divers were able to in a cage outside and white sharks up close face to face. It is a curious experience.

Grand Cayman Stingray City Magical Creatures – Devil Rays

Northern Grand Cayman Stingray City sandbar is probably the world’s most intimate contact with these magical creatures of the attractions. In fact, this piece is a sandbar when returning from fishing fishermen fish discards the place of the blood and internal organs. Over time, this place attracts devil fish into pieces. Now, visitors can spend $ 60 a person diving into Stingray City. Stingray docile, just know yourself in them, they are accustomed to tourists touch.

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The best tourist destination in Spring in 2013 – part three


New Zealand Cape May

Cape May is located in the southernmost tip of New Zealand. Cape migratory shorebirds Horseshoe Crab Festival May 16th to May 19th. Here is the world’s second largest shorebird gathering place, and the world’s largest horseshoe crabs artificial breeding areas. May each year are the horseshoe crab spawning season, the waves their eggs rushed to the bay side beach buffer zone, attracting hundreds of thousands of shorebirds to this foraging. You can stay in this one morning, listen to shorebird chorus in Higbee Beach side.


Tour of the track, West Virginia Hatfield McCoy

In coal area in West Virginia, USA, there is a more than 600 miles of vehicle lanes circuitous hilly valley between Hatfield McCoy Circuit, which is named for gendary family of the area. The track is through nine counties, Saudi Arabian Airlines covering six track systems. The seventh track system is scheduled to open in June, is the first parallel track for four trucks. Each track system has a simple channel family green channel, stimulus channel and riders channel, people can choose according to their own standard of driving the track.


The Waterland wine and olive route of the western cape of South Africa

Swat wine and olive route are different from the traditional wine route of the Western Cape, walking along this route, you will feel authentic and low-key Mediterranean style. All the way here is organic wineries, small wineries, farmers markets and a small coffee shop. Orchards, olive groves and wheat fields extend from the Po Goldberg mountain to the Berg River, showing a green scene at this time of year.

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The best tourist destination in Spring in 2013


Jaipur, India Holi

Jaipur, capital of Rajasthan, the buildings show terra-cotta here in the Old Town, so gotten the name of the “Pink City”. Every spring in the Holi festival, revelers bustling has even turned it into the color of the sea. Hopi is a Hindu festival, also known as the color section, it symbolizes the arrival of spring, Holi this year from March 27. Annual Holi festival, local residents and tourists will be happy for a color war, mutual splashed color powder and perfume. Each year the annual elephant festival in Jaipur will be held March 26. Polo Square during the festive season, there will be an elephant polo match and tug of war, in addition to the elephant parade.


In the North Island of New Zealand Waikato

Waikato region covers an area of 25.000 square miles, with a rolling farm and the black sand beacbeach.Additionly, there is also the focus of a lot of volcanoes and caves, fireflies sparkling in caves. The movie “The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit: Unexpected Journey” was shooting in the small town of Matamata, which attract many fans swarmed. Waikato, visitors can take a rope into the Waitomo Caves Glance magical landscape, can go to the famous surfing beaches Raglan Surf, hot air balloon ride overlooking the beautiful scenery here.


Tulip Festival, Netherlands Northeast polder

In the end of March to early May of every year, the rows of blooming tulips like ribbon tile in the Netherlands. Flevoland province, about 5,000 acres of flower fields, but most of it located in the Northeast polder. Tulip Festival April 18 and continued until June 6, people can self-drive private cars, riding a bike, walking on foot or take a carriage distinct trails, enjoy the beautiful scenery.

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The best tourist destination in Spring in 2013 – part two


Bourbon-tours-in-Kentucky Bourbon tours in Kentucky, United States

Not all whiskey is called Bourbon, and only the distilled grain alcohol in the United States can reach the standard of Bourbon. Bourbon tours need to pass seven wineries, and the seven wineries produce 95% of the world’s Bourbon. In the journey you can enjoy the Bourbon (especially not miss Handicaps liqueur chocolate), you can also pass through the horse farm and the historic town. You can tour the whole in about three days time.

Danube Delta in Romanian

April to September each year, millions of migratory birds will fly and gathered in the islands of the Danube Delta reed from the river, where the sugar cane fields, and the lake. Danube Delta covers an area of ??2200square miles, is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve certification, is also Europe’s largest swamp area, gathers 300 species of birds animals, including white pelicans, black-necked cormorants. Here is basic to the waters, playing is more on water, you can rent a boat or boats to start your bird watching trip.

Madeira Flower Festival of Madeira Islands in Portugal

Madeira is 310 miles from the coast of Africa, has been hailed as the floating garden of the Atlantic. Funchal is the largest city of the Madeira Flower Festival (May 9th to May 15th) each year to the building here, the streets even before the shop windows are filled with murals, sculptures and intricate patterns of flowers blanket. Flower Festival is the most solemn of activities than the Sunday flowers procession. Thousands of dancers dressed in traditional costumes and dancing to the rhythm of country music. There is the relatively small size of the children’s parade on Saturday morning, hundreds of children to come together, wearing clothes with a flower pattern, each holding a flower, in the end they will be with flowers take up a Wall of Hope “.

Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza is the main wine producing regions of Argentina. In March of each year is Mendoza grape harvest season. More than 100 wineries are distribution of in this 57,000-square-mile valley, surrounded by towering Andes. Here you can taste more than 90 kinds of locally produced wines. Some family-run hotel on the distribution of the orchards and vineyards, you can personally experience the atmosphere of picking grapes, can also rent a bicycle for a leisurely visit various wineries.

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Australian experiences water Fire unite the Australian

Australia is the only country with a whole continent in the world, is also one of the world’s longest coastline, copy is vast, but never see repeated scenery, blue paradise on the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland and western Australia none of whale sharks swam LuJiao, dark blue, light blue, green, or crystal clear sea water, form the myriad changes in the sun of the cultural landscape and colorful seashore. Here has a walk not coast, sea water ripples scenery!

Lord Howe Island in the Tasman Sea (Tasman Sea) is a magical wonderland island, less than two hours from Sydney and Brisbane flight. The life carefree, not artificial damage, the beauty of the island, only about 300 year-round residents, at the same time can accommodate 400 tourists. Limit of motor vehicles on the island, only a street through this charming villages, the island’s most area are included in the Reserve Marine Park and subtropical rain forest, so the bike is the best tool to around here. There is no mobile signal here Oh, suspending disbelief city CARES and revel in the idyllic scenery.

In st kinda districts located in Melbourne, you can together with the locals, walk along the seaside avenue stroll, walking, riding a bicycle; In Auckland Street (Acland Street) that appetising old pastry shop taste cake; In the moon Park (Luna Park) old wooden roller coaster ride; Or join fay ROM Street (Fitzroy Street) carnival team all day and all night. The beaches here are accessible, try setting sail, windsurfing and kite surfing. Every Sunday also can go to the busy St kinda seaside holiday art fair (St. Kilda Arts & Craft Market) to pick their favorite handicrafts. In the summer breath everywhere feels the city street, the beach and romantic surprise!

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The top five diving places in the world

TOP 1 Palau

Palau Island is in the west end of the Caroline Islands, between the Philippines and Guam, is composed of 340 large and small islands. Filed Palau, most people will immediately think of sunshine and beaches, Palau is a world-renowned oceanographer, diving home water photographer committee composed jointly push for the most of the world’s seven underwater wonders. Palau superior not only undersea landscape scenery of the sea is no less, “Rainbow hometown veritable reputation. Coral reefs surround many lush limestone islands, erupts from the transparent sea, like mushrooms, like four-way expansion, take a the small lightweight plane from the sky overlooking Palau, probably also Buguoruci Wonderland!

TOP 2 Cancun, Mexico,

Cancun peripheral COZUMEL Island is a world-renowned diving paradise, the second largest coral reef in the world, North America’s best dive sites. Convenient transportation nearby is the ruins of the Mayan civilization, is worth a visit vacation spot.

TOP 3 Australia, the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef by more than 1,000 coral islands, stretching from Bundaberg north along the coast of Queensland in the South Pacific, some beach stretches for 140 kilometers. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the wonders of the world, has a wide variety of wild animals and plants in the reef. Bundaberg region has many streams and estuaries, the ideal place for fishing. If you want to thoroughly enjoy the charm of the Great Barrier Reef, the best way is to dive the Great Barrier Reef.

TOP 4 Egypt, Red Sea

Red Sea marine color is as beautiful as turquoise. The Red Sea has different patterns of coral reefs and rich marine life. (There are a large number of ancient shipwrecks along the Red Sea renowned dive sites including Sharm El Sheikh, Sha’ab Abu Nuhas shipwrecks), the Ras Mohammed Diving National Park. Egypt itself has a rich historical and cultural landscape. Red Sea diving trip is not just the trip diving adventures, cultural tours.

TOP 5 Belize, Blue Hole

Looking down from the sky, the Great Blue Hole looks like a bright pupil. The UNESCO World Heritage-listed marine cave diving enthusiasts brought unlimited visual enjoyment. Great Blue Hole of about 400 meters in diameter, surrounded by fringing reefs of surrounds. Can taste the magical charm of the Great Blue Hole dive 40 meters from sea-oriented, that is up to 15 meters underwater stalactites landscape. When you cross among the huge stalactites, you will see a variety of marine life around you.

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The legendary romantic land – Whitsunday


Coast to Airlie Beach, gateway to the Whitsunday Islands. A colorful, very urbanized, distributing attractive seaside town, a little bit of calm sea on a yacht here in addition to the supply of accommodation and entertainment devices, the needs of tourists basically can be met. Can go about 10km from Airlie Beach the Saudi Harbor, where the boat to reach the island resort, also can rent a private boat to reach the Great Barrier Reef tour. In addition, the heart-shaped reef has a very high reputation, White haven Beach, in the Whitsunday Islands. I told you a Tips, just go Mt.Rooper Lookout viewing point, we can see the entire Whitsunday Island and nearby islands constitute a picturesque scenery, it is mesmerizing.

Whitsunday Islands White haven Beach has repeatedly been rated as one of the best beaches in the world, with your lover to take a helicopter flying in the Whitsunday Islands White haven Beach over, side by side overlooking the Whitsunday Islands 74 charming beauty of the island, until the pilot lead your lover the huge beach suitor banner “Will you marry me?” How can that moment that she will never forget! The courtship success can enjoy a romantic champagne beach dinner to celebrate. White haven Beach stretches seven kilometers, to preserve the original style of the one without a cut and polish diamonds in the rough in the Whitsunday Islands. Seawater at low tide, quietly sitting on the beach, feet buried in the soft siliceous beach, watching the clear waters continue to lap against the shore.

Ferries, yachts, helicopters, seaplanes, and all can be reached at White haven Beach, an unforgettable travel. There are some shipping companies will provide charter accommodation tourist route. So you have more time to stay in White haven Beach. From several resort islands such as Hamilton Island, Hayman Island, Daydream Island in the Whitsunday Islands, Souter harbor and Airlie Beach, all depart.

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