Dining etiquette around the world

During a meal, do you pay attention to yourself whether the norms of decent behavior? Around the world, dining etiquette is seen as important to respect other people’s representation. Recently, the United States, “Huffington Post” has identified a number of countries for our table manners, with doubt lets us take a look at it!

Make sound when eating
This happens only when the Japanese eat noodles or soup. The chef is definitely a courtesy practice. And the sound, the bigger the better! You can also use the bowl for soup, but never put the chopsticks cross, lick their chopsticks, or put chopsticks vertically into the rice – which in Japan, China and other Asian countries seem to have very rude behavior.

Eat with the right hand only
In India, the Middle East and some parts of Africa, people eat with your left hand is considered unclean, so the use of his right hand.

Do not split the bill
In France, split the bill would be considered unsophisticated symbol, so the best a person has paid all fees.

Bread was as a kind of utensils
In France, bread not be used as an appetizer. People generally eat only bread torn a food rather than a direct bite. When eating bread, then place it on a table or tablecloth, rather than a plate.

Mealtime hand
In Mexico, people often use and to eat – with a knife and fork would be considered snobbish performance.

Do not hand meal
In Chile, it is very rude hand feeding performance – even eating fries! In Brazil, people enjoy pizza, burgers are usually carried out with a knife and fork.

Ban asked cheese
In Italy, if the cheese is not available to you, they will not ask for an opening. Will put extra cheese pizza and even seafood Li is considered evil.

Forbidden to ask salt and pepper
In Portugal, if you do not put salt and pepper on the table, then do not ask for the opening – this would be considered a de facto denial of the chef cooking performance.

Do not fork food into the mouth
In Thailand, the form is the function of food into the spoon.

Hiccup and create chaotic atmosphere
In China, it shows you burp satisfaction for dining, praised chef well. The atmosphere around the table to create chaos is also true purpose. In intruder leave some leftovers indicate that your master has to provide you with more than enough food.

Do not eat with a yellow flower
In Bulgaria, the yellow flower symbolizes hatred, so take it to eat is an absolute taboo.

Do not put your hands on the thighs when eationg
In Russia, the wrist on the edge of the table – rather than the thigh, is considered polite behavior. While also ensuring take the left fork, knife in the right hand.

Do not use a single dish
In Ethiopia, individual dishes would be considered wasteful behavior. Food is always from a separate dish for people to share.

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