Alaska Glacier fishing

In the United States, Alaska, fishing has become an integral part of local life. Here’s glaciers cut out of the steep canyon furrow, not millions of years of huge glaciers, when cold rapids in this unique natural environment bred varieties rich natural wild marine fish. Connected in the sky, away from the hubbub of the place, all your worries will also drift.

Along the coastline of Alaska, we went almost untapped contaminated piece of pure natural waters to enjoy the fun of fishing. In this piece surrounded by the sea, rivers Pentium land, stretching 34,000 miles of coastline and around the icy waters of the world’s largest and most fertile fishing grounds. Here five kinds of salmon (red salmon, king salmon, silver salmon, pink salmon, chum salmon), three kinds of crab (king crab, snow crab, Dungeness crab), black cod, cod, pollock, halibut and plaice year round swim in the cold, pure North Pacific Ocean. Original natural breeding environment, creating the Alaska seafood is low in fat, tender meat, with toughness, superior taste the unique flavor.

Sea spray head wrapped hit in the face, beard captain will tell you which fish the waters up, the waters of which can catch the biggest fish. They used a wealth of experience to teach visitors how to catch a variety of fish, no fishing even from experienced people can also be confident that he opened under the guidance of fishing. When they waved his hand, said “Enjoy” when the cast of the rod and enjoy fishing. Alaska fish are generally large, if it bite, then when the time comes they have to quickly mention pole. Depth of 60 meters, the light received fishing line will put the arm shake acid, but but seeing thirty-four ten pounds of fish leaping sea vacated when everyone will heartily cheered.

Restaurant near the beach, watching the seagulls flying out the window and down, low clouds drifting across the snow-capped mountains and near the patch of calm bay and all the boats and enjoy the authentic Alaska cuisine. The Alaska salmon chef Wash and drain the surface water, add the white wine marinated. Then the marinated salmon in Alaska wrapped a layer of crispy fried evenly moistened powder. Melt the butter in a pan, add salmon fry until golden-sided. Then put the butter in a pan, melt the cheese after adding garlic and continue to simmer a moment, then pour over the salmon pieces Saruluole on. Delicious salmon in Alaska, soak the rich creamy fish was crispy shell wrapped bite open one, the intoxicating smell of wine make you memorable touch. Snow crab meat dipped in white with a red thick broth, delicate fleshy, sweet aftertaste really attend to other, completely set aside some image began bites.

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