Adventure through death valley national park information everywhere feels the death

Strange scenery and witnessed the death of the history of American west pioneer valley, personally ordered by President Herbert hoover in 1933 as a national memorial historic; “California desert protection act passed by congress in 1994″, will be officially set up death valley national park, also by two million mu expanded to three million three hundred thousand mu, become the largest country in the area of the United States 48 states park.

Basin and range province in death valley here particularly significant, in less than 140 kilometers away from the place, is located at an altitude of 4418 meters (14494 ft) mount Whitney (Mt. Whitney) and below an altitude of 86 meters (282 feet) of death valley, respectively is at its highest level in the lower 48 states (death valley high Telescope Peak) and low, and the nadir (Badwater) is also the location of the lowest in the western hemisphere.

According to the statistical data of the park, death valley the annual average temperature is about 32 degrees Celsius, from May to september, more than 38 degrees Celsius temperature can be achieved. But the same temperature in death valley much heat on the feeling, because of the high temperature in a long and narrow valley below sea level, heat radiation cannot be divergent. The average annual rainfall is only 1.92 inches. Bad weather makes only late fall to early spring here is suitable for travel.

Found gold in California in 1849, a crazy gold rush, they are known as Forty Niners (49 hrs). They in Salt Lake City at the base of consolidation and fill up, climbing the desert in California. In October 1949 a group of pioneers missed the opportunity, and don’t want to stay in Salt Lake City until spring, decided to cross the desert, shortcut (the Old Spanish Trail) went west. But this batch of miscalculation desert area and harsh climate, some people and destroyed the precious life, this is known as “The Lost 49 ears”, also is the origin of the name, death valley.

North-south death valley, East is the elevation of 6000 feet of armature hook yarn (Amar – gosh) mountains. Elevation more than 11000 feet are on the west of the na min Panamint mountains. A torrential rain death valley can be dried up salt into lake wave, white, and the dry weather can also be like wave, white in a twinkling evaporated.

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