A rigorous and romantic country – Germany

German “fairy tale of the Road”, is the Germany’s oldest and one of the most popular holiday travel routes, in length over 600 km from Hanau to Bremen along the way, among more than 65 cities, all the deeply engraved the brothers Grimm’s life trajectory. Brothers Grimm children – Family Tales, have been translated into 160 languages in the world until now. Naturally, this fairy tale set of cultural interest enthusiasts and overseas tourists provided a wonderful Attractions and Travel Guide.

Amazing magical trip, is composed of numerous quaint wooden frame houses, palaces, and castles. Around the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, legends and anecdotes, all over the gorgeous natural landscape, there are: Little Red Riding Hood of ShiWanM city; Sabah Sleeping Beauty Castle; Stern Magdeburg Rapunzel and related Horace Mrs. Meissner mountain legends; Reinhardt forest Dieterich knight; Han Mingdeng iron Dr. Hu Zi, Baron Münchhausen Boden Vail del story; writer William Thermes, Bush described the naughty boy Max and Moritz in Albert Geze endless tease.

When this romantic travel approaches to the end, you will lead an insight into Hameln Rat and Bremen musicians. In “Fairy Tale Road” presented on the culture and history, museums and galleries, everything is closely related to folk customs, and local art. Also in the concerts, the theater can also enjoy the fairy tale story. Unique hillside park in Europe – Bard William Hill, as well as great Hanseatic city of Bremen featured more worthwhile for you to travel.

In summer, puppet theater, open-air performances are especially colorful and lively fairy tale vividly in people will show in your eyes; not only that, the local rich and colorful fairy tales and the art of fusion cooking, Bong dishing out fairy packages; rice farmers; palace feast; medieval-style meals such as Volkswagen, so you can satisfy their appetites. By public transport can also quickly reach the “fairy tale of the road”, but this is a perfect driving route.

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