The top five diving places in the world

TOP 1 Palau

Palau Island is in the west end of the Caroline Islands, between the Philippines and Guam, is composed of 340 large and small islands. Filed Palau, most people will immediately think of sunshine and beaches, Palau is a world-renowned oceanographer, diving home water photographer committee composed jointly push for the most of the world’s seven underwater wonders. Palau superior not only undersea landscape scenery of the sea is no less, “Rainbow hometown veritable reputation. Coral reefs surround many lush limestone islands, erupts from the transparent sea, like mushrooms, like four-way expansion, take a the small lightweight plane from the sky overlooking Palau, probably also Buguoruci Wonderland!

TOP 2 Cancun, Mexico,

Cancun peripheral COZUMEL Island is a world-renowned diving paradise, the second largest coral reef in the world, North America’s best dive sites. Convenient transportation nearby is the ruins of the Mayan civilization, is worth a visit vacation spot.

TOP 3 Australia, the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef by more than 1,000 coral islands, stretching from Bundaberg north along the coast of Queensland in the South Pacific, some beach stretches for 140 kilometers. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the wonders of the world, has a wide variety of wild animals and plants in the reef. Bundaberg region has many streams and estuaries, the ideal place for fishing. If you want to thoroughly enjoy the charm of the Great Barrier Reef, the best way is to dive the Great Barrier Reef.

TOP 4 Egypt, Red Sea

Red Sea marine color is as beautiful as turquoise. The Red Sea has different patterns of coral reefs and rich marine life. (There are a large number of ancient shipwrecks along the Red Sea renowned dive sites including Sharm El Sheikh, Sha’ab Abu Nuhas shipwrecks), the Ras Mohammed Diving National Park. Egypt itself has a rich historical and cultural landscape. Red Sea diving trip is not just the trip diving adventures, cultural tours.

TOP 5 Belize, Blue Hole

Looking down from the sky, the Great Blue Hole looks like a bright pupil. The UNESCO World Heritage-listed marine cave diving enthusiasts brought unlimited visual enjoyment. Great Blue Hole of about 400 meters in diameter, surrounded by fringing reefs of surrounds. Can taste the magical charm of the Great Blue Hole dive 40 meters from sea-oriented, that is up to 15 meters underwater stalactites landscape. When you cross among the huge stalactites, you will see a variety of marine life around you.

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the benefits of Aircraft Charter Jet Rates

Much has been composed telling the points of interest of utilizing Aircraft Charter Jet Rates for voyage in numerous sorts of circumstances. The venture out industry presses on to flourish notwithstanding the battling economy, and air charter merchants specifically have seen a surge in numbers -especially with the approach of the x-beam security frameworks and checkpoints in generally major airstrips -both of which are recognized major cerebral pains for voyagers.

Aircraft Charter Jet Rates -Cost Myths

Notwithstanding the positive exposure and its numerous profits, private jet charters are still acknowledged something of extravagance -an advantage for government officials, sports groups, and superstars. This is disastrous since chartering a plane might be a competitive choice, as well as a financially doable one. Likewise with any excursion, a few variables confirm the expense; this is one perspective that private and business flights portion. It is vital to completely research the charter driver and get a couple of appraisal before “marking on the specked line” to charter. An encountered specialist will readily furnish an expense breakdown and a charter contract that blankets practically any possibility -in different expressions, no shrouded charges or shocks. This ought to be perused altogether and grasped soon after any fiscal assertion is arrived at.

Private Jet Charters -Cost Determinants

The most widely recognized value determinants for air Aircraft Charter Jet Rates are:

• Type of air ship being chartered -which can go from helicopters to supposed “large jets;”

• Age and wellbeing status of the airplane -which ought to be evaluated freely by a firm, for example Q-Star or Wyvern;

• Management/maintenance charges -which are charged by the charter organization to get and keep up the air ship;

• In-flight concierge administrations -which incorporate dining, as well as limousine administration or auto rentals and inn lodging;

• Incidental charges -which can incorporate fuel surcharges, administration expenses, arriving expenses, and so forth;

• Itinerary for the excursion -which incorporates final end, as well as length of outing and any stops or layovers.

Specialists for Aircraft Charter Jet Rates might be of essential aid to the shopper endeavoring to lease a plane for the first run through. A qualified intermediary will work to discover the best rate accessible with the most qualified admin. Chartering a plane does not must be costly or an irritate, and the time it now, time to that this reasonable and helpful voyage alternative was moved out of the domain of the upper class and into the standard where it could be gotten a charge.

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Dining etiquette around the world

During a meal, do you pay attention to yourself whether the norms of decent behavior? Around the world, dining etiquette is seen as important to respect other people’s representation. Recently, the United States, “Huffington Post” has identified a number of countries for our table manners, with doubt lets us take a look at it!

Make sound when eating
This happens only when the Japanese eat noodles or soup. The chef is definitely a courtesy practice. And the sound, the bigger the better! You can also use the bowl for soup, but never put the chopsticks cross, lick their chopsticks, or put chopsticks vertically into the rice – which in Japan, China and other Asian countries seem to have very rude behavior.

Eat with the right hand only
In India, the Middle East and some parts of Africa, people eat with your left hand is considered unclean, so the use of his right hand.

Do not split the bill
In France, split the bill would be considered unsophisticated symbol, so the best a person has paid all fees.

Bread was as a kind of utensils
In France, bread not be used as an appetizer. People generally eat only bread torn a food rather than a direct bite. When eating bread, then place it on a table or tablecloth, rather than a plate.

Mealtime hand
In Mexico, people often use and to eat – with a knife and fork would be considered snobbish performance.

Do not hand meal
In Chile, it is very rude hand feeding performance – even eating fries! In Brazil, people enjoy pizza, burgers are usually carried out with a knife and fork.

Ban asked cheese
In Italy, if the cheese is not available to you, they will not ask for an opening. Will put extra cheese pizza and even seafood Li is considered evil.

Forbidden to ask salt and pepper
In Portugal, if you do not put salt and pepper on the table, then do not ask for the opening – this would be considered a de facto denial of the chef cooking performance.

Do not fork food into the mouth
In Thailand, the form is the function of food into the spoon.

Hiccup and create chaotic atmosphere
In China, it shows you burp satisfaction for dining, praised chef well. The atmosphere around the table to create chaos is also true purpose. In intruder leave some leftovers indicate that your master has to provide you with more than enough food.

Do not eat with a yellow flower
In Bulgaria, the yellow flower symbolizes hatred, so take it to eat is an absolute taboo.

Do not put your hands on the thighs when eationg
In Russia, the wrist on the edge of the table – rather than the thigh, is considered polite behavior. While also ensuring take the left fork, knife in the right hand.

Do not use a single dish
In Ethiopia, individual dishes would be considered wasteful behavior. Food is always from a separate dish for people to share.

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Walk in Spain to encounter Gaudi and Picasso in Winter

This winter, if you want to travel to Europe, but afraid of cold, how can you do? Do you want to crazy go shopping leaving the country, can you only go to France? No, go to Spain right, everything can be fulfilled. Spain in all the year round, the coldest is in the January and February. The average temperature is 8 degrees to 13 degrees.

In Barcelona feels Gaudi’s tight rope
Spain is absolutely a place is a small town but has a great love, come to Barcelona, you prefer to believe that this is a dazzling illusions. Streets of ancient cities and modern high-rise coexist, it should be is a contradictory polymer, but strangely coruscate different artistic aesthetic feeling, the local people have been accustomed to, and tourists from all over the world like it very much.

The Miro, Gaudi, Picasso and the artist’s works are the card of the city, but only “a devil of a genius” Gaudi seized the glory of all the city. His works is strange, mysterious and full of fairytales fantasy, walking in Barcelona street, all are filled with Gaudi’s symbol, Palau Güell, Palau Güell garden, and Myra apartment are all great masterpiece of Gaudi, and the most famous is the Sagrada Familia, this also is the landmark building of Barcelona. There is no cross flat and upright that we used to see in other European cathedral, but full of emotional appeal details: skeleton head shaped balcony, pillars like bone, roof is full of the scale, backwash of exterior wall and the colorful Mosaic inserted all sorts of adornment, make you have not enough eyes to see. You can only marvel, only in Gaudi buildings can be seen such tight rope design.

In Marbella accepts Picasso’s edification
In addition to Barcelona, during the winter, in Spain, the most suitable place for vacation is the Marbella. In the Spanish’s southernmost place, here in winter is always bright and sunny. Beach, entertainment, and shopping is its three keywords. Here port always stops full yacht, in the street loiter about are all the old European man, ask someone you can just know, all of them come here to go on vacation or retirement.

Spain’s artistic breath sends out in each place. Barcelona has strange Gaudi, and here, belongs to unruly Picasso. In the old town of Marbella has Picasso Museum, inside decorated with many paintings of Picasso of all times. Many artists operate shops here. The reason is just to walk beside the Picasso museum every day. As Spain’s character, their expression is so bold, direct and made no effort to hide.

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Adventure through death valley national park information everywhere feels the death

Strange scenery and witnessed the death of the history of American west pioneer valley, personally ordered by President Herbert hoover in 1933 as a national memorial historic; “California desert protection act passed by congress in 1994″, will be officially set up death valley national park, also by two million mu expanded to three million three hundred thousand mu, become the largest country in the area of the United States 48 states park.

Basin and range province in death valley here particularly significant, in less than 140 kilometers away from the place, is located at an altitude of 4418 meters (14494 ft) mount Whitney (Mt. Whitney) and below an altitude of 86 meters (282 feet) of death valley, respectively is at its highest level in the lower 48 states (death valley high Telescope Peak) and low, and the nadir (Badwater) is also the location of the lowest in the western hemisphere.

According to the statistical data of the park, death valley the annual average temperature is about 32 degrees Celsius, from May to september, more than 38 degrees Celsius temperature can be achieved. But the same temperature in death valley much heat on the feeling, because of the high temperature in a long and narrow valley below sea level, heat radiation cannot be divergent. The average annual rainfall is only 1.92 inches. Bad weather makes only late fall to early spring here is suitable for travel.

Found gold in California in 1849, a crazy gold rush, they are known as Forty Niners (49 hrs). They in Salt Lake City at the base of consolidation and fill up, climbing the desert in California. In October 1949 a group of pioneers missed the opportunity, and don’t want to stay in Salt Lake City until spring, decided to cross the desert, shortcut (the Old Spanish Trail) went west. But this batch of miscalculation desert area and harsh climate, some people and destroyed the precious life, this is known as “The Lost 49 ears”, also is the origin of the name, death valley.

North-south death valley, East is the elevation of 6000 feet of armature hook yarn (Amar – gosh) mountains. Elevation more than 11000 feet are on the west of the na min Panamint mountains. A torrential rain death valley can be dried up salt into lake wave, white, and the dry weather can also be like wave, white in a twinkling evaporated.

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Alaska Glacier fishing

In the United States, Alaska, fishing has become an integral part of local life. Here’s glaciers cut out of the steep canyon furrow, not millions of years of huge glaciers, when cold rapids in this unique natural environment bred varieties rich natural wild marine fish. Connected in the sky, away from the hubbub of the place, all your worries will also drift.

Along the coastline of Alaska, we went almost untapped contaminated piece of pure natural waters to enjoy the fun of fishing. In this piece surrounded by the sea, rivers Pentium land, stretching 34,000 miles of coastline and around the icy waters of the world’s largest and most fertile fishing grounds. Here five kinds of salmon (red salmon, king salmon, silver salmon, pink salmon, chum salmon), three kinds of crab (king crab, snow crab, Dungeness crab), black cod, cod, pollock, halibut and plaice year round swim in the cold, pure North Pacific Ocean. Original natural breeding environment, creating the Alaska seafood is low in fat, tender meat, with toughness, superior taste the unique flavor.

Sea spray head wrapped hit in the face, beard captain will tell you which fish the waters up, the waters of which can catch the biggest fish. They used a wealth of experience to teach visitors how to catch a variety of fish, no fishing even from experienced people can also be confident that he opened under the guidance of fishing. When they waved his hand, said “Enjoy” when the cast of the rod and enjoy fishing. Alaska fish are generally large, if it bite, then when the time comes they have to quickly mention pole. Depth of 60 meters, the light received fishing line will put the arm shake acid, but but seeing thirty-four ten pounds of fish leaping sea vacated when everyone will heartily cheered.

Restaurant near the beach, watching the seagulls flying out the window and down, low clouds drifting across the snow-capped mountains and near the patch of calm bay and all the boats and enjoy the authentic Alaska cuisine. The Alaska salmon chef Wash and drain the surface water, add the white wine marinated. Then the marinated salmon in Alaska wrapped a layer of crispy fried evenly moistened powder. Melt the butter in a pan, add salmon fry until golden-sided. Then put the butter in a pan, melt the cheese after adding garlic and continue to simmer a moment, then pour over the salmon pieces Saruluole on. Delicious salmon in Alaska, soak the rich creamy fish was crispy shell wrapped bite open one, the intoxicating smell of wine make you memorable touch. Snow crab meat dipped in white with a red thick broth, delicate fleshy, sweet aftertaste really attend to other, completely set aside some image began bites.

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Places You Must Visit During Monsoon

Being located on an ideal geographical region, India enjoys almost every season and subsequently, it has a number of vacation destinations for different seasons. For instance, during warm summer tourists run for beach destinations or hill stations while during winters they tend to travel warm destinations. Well, here we are talking of monsoon season that typically occur during the period of ‘June to September’ in India. It is the time when the rain drops and fresh breeze works a magic by fulfilling the quench of dry earth and flourishes the land altogether. The refreshing monsoon holiday is a raging trend amongst holiday makers and due to this interest, many travel operators lure travelers with great monsoon offers and discounts on India travel. However, choosing a right monsoon holiday destination in India can be tricky, so to make your task easy, we have listed some places ideal for monsoon holiday in India.


A land of sea, sand and sun, Goa is a year round holiday destination; however the beauty of Goa during monsoon is truly amazing. The monsoon season i.e. from June to September endows it with lush greenery as nature flourishes here during the period. In fact, the monsoon brings an aroma of romance in Goan environs. Nonetheless, it all depends on you where you want to visit Goa on beaches, Dudhsagar Falls or cruising from Panaji.


Rajasthan, the land of royal Rajputs and immense stretch of Thar Desert waits for monsoon to quench the thirst of land and provide much-needed relief from the three long months of summer. However, the main highlight of monsoon is the holy month of Shravan (that coincides with July-August) which embarks a series of festive days in Rajasthan. The arrival of monsoon is commemorated with many tradition customs and colorful festivals like ‘Teej’ during which women enjoy swings hung from trees and pray for marital bliss. So, if you want to explore the real colorful Rajasthani culture, monsoon is an ideal time.


Popularly known as God’s Own Country, Kerala is privileged for being the first southern state to receive the monsoon annually. Throughout the year, Kerala remains covered under a thick green belt of forests but the arrival of monsoon rains adds up an alluring beauty to it. In fact, many travel agents and tour operators run special offers or holiday packages for monsoon extravaganza in Kerala. Moreover, the monsoon season is considered best for enjoying the authentic Ayurvedic rejuvenation of Kerala. So, you have plenty of options to indulge yourself in the beauty and charm of Kerala during monsoons.

Shillong, East India

Another popular monsoon holiday destination of India is Shillong. A stunning capital of north-eastern state of Meghalaya, this beautiful city is blessed with the spectacular beauty of nature. Because of its mystical natural beauty, Shillong is often referred to as the ‘Scotland of East’. There are many interesting places in Shillong that is a must watch for tourists. Shillong has its own unique nature beauty. During monsoon, lakes and waterfalls plays rhythmical music and wind whispers through dense forests. The attractions of this beautiful place is Elephant Falls, Wards Lake, etc.

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Luxury Train Tours of India

Renowned for being one of the largest railway networks in the world, Indian Railways has railway track of over 1,15, 000 km that covers the route of around 65, 000 km and 7, 500 stations. In fact, it is said that the railways are the lifeline of India. So, if you are planning an India tour, than do include a railway ride in your itinerary. To combine luxury, comfort and ultimate travel experience, Indian Railways offers a range of luxury train services. These exclusive trains are stuffed with world-class services and runs on specific routes and duration. Leaf through this article and explore more about these luxury trains that can make your travel experience in India even more enchanting.

However, before planning a tour, checkout best flight tickets deals online and book accordingly.

The Palace on Wheels

Referred to as one of the most luxurious trains of India, ‘Palace on Wheels’ is meant to offer you memorable journeys through royal state of Rajasthan. Due to its excellent services and modern facilities in the galore of royal ambience, it is rates as number 4 amongst world’s luxury train services. It runs on a typical route that embarks (as well as ends) in New Delhi and takes the Rajasthan tour via Jaipur-Sawai Madhopur-Chittaurgarh-Udaipur-Jaisalmer-Jodhpur-Bharatpur-Agra-Delhi. The train comprises of 14 saloons that are truly stuffed with royal décor, impeccable services and world-class amenities. Aptly symbolizing its name, this luxury train is ideal for a perfect Rajasthan tour.

The Deccan Odyssey

Taking travelers to a memorable journey through the Kingdom of great Marathas, ‘The Deccan Odyssey’ is a luxury train is a joint venture of the Ministry of Railway and the State Government of Maharashtra. It comprise of 21 luxurious coaches that can accommodate up to 80 pax, and offers an opulent onboard journey in the Deccan plateau. The Deccan Odyssey travels on a typical tour of 7 nights and 8 days (Mumbai – Sindhudurg Nagri – Goa – Kolhapur – Aurangabad – Ajanta Caves – Nashik – Mumbai) covering all the major attractions of Maharashtra including pristine beaches, charming forts and palaces, art, heritage, crafts and delicious cuisines.

Golden Chariot

Typically managed by Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC), an undertaking of the Government of Karnataka, ‘The Golden Chariot’ connects several magnificent travel destinations of Southern region of India. This luxury train is embellished with world-class amenities, finest services and classy interiors. The Golden Chariot runs on two decided routes, namely, Southern Splendor (7 nights / 8 days) and Pride of South (7 nights / 8 days). So, if you want to travel South India in a unique way, taking the Golden Chariot tour is surely a right way to do so.

Maharaja Express

An excellent initiative by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC), Maharaja’s Express is a popular luxury train of India. This exclusive train runs on various routes covering the magnificence, culture and heritage of India. The tour routes are:

Heritage of India (8 Days / 7 Nights)
Treasures of India (4 Days / 3 nights)
Gems of India (4 Days / 3 Nights)
Indian Panorama (8 Days / 7 Nights)
Indian Splendour (8 Days / 7 Nights)
So, while planning an India tour and wondering from where to start off, take any of the abovementioned tour routes of Maharaja’s Express and embark on an exclusive expedition of India.

Author Bio: This guest post has been written by Archana Sharma. She is a graduate in tourism studies and loves to write on different aspects of travel and tourism. She works for BookEasyTrip.com (an excellent travel portal offers excellent deals on golden triangle tour packages in India) and also maintains her travel blog, BookEasyTripTravelBlog.com.
Corbett National Park of India Corbett Park – Jim Corbett National Park is most beautiful wildlife and nature park in India. The Corbett Hideaway is great wildlife resort for accommodation at Jim Corbett National Park India.

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Heat Brazilian tourism raider

Brazil World Cup next year in Brazil 12 different cities organized. Semi-finals will be held in Belo Horizonte and Sao Paulo. Third-place match will be held in Brasilia, and the finals will be staged in Rio de Janeiro.

Ticket Information
World Cup goalkeeper vote on August 20, 2013 episodes. You can log in from July 1 Ticket FIFA’s official website. The above will provide detailed information about ticketing. World Cup in Brazil, the official online registration, registration of the relevant ticket information, the official website will then get in touch with you the first time.
Rio de Janeiro, there are buses, taxis and the subway. But the bus thief many tourists travel by bus, especially to pay attention, try to take a taxi. Do not stay in the street at night, not to go to the beach walk. Downtown Rio, evenings and weekends are sparsely populated. It is best to take day trips.

Brazil’s per capita monthly income of about 680 Australian dollars, but the gap is very poor. The bottom 10% of the monthly income of the people is only 77 Australian dollars, while the richest 10% of Brazilians monthly income are as high as $ 3000.

Foreign tourists do understand Portuguese most vulnerable to criminals of all ages. Brazil’s violent crime rate is very high. Visitors must be vigilant and keep up the latest media intelligence. Brazil’s crime rate is still rising. The government sent a large number of police patrols near the slums, to combat drugs and gun fire sale. To unite the whole city to renounce their world-renowned “notorious.”

Christianity is the largest religion in Brazil.

Cost of living
Compared with other regions in South America, Rio de Janeiro, the standard of living is relatively high. In 2012, it was selected for the U.S. consulting firm Mercer named “the world’s highest standards of living 50 cities”. 250ml Coca-Cola installed in this price $ 1. Meal ordinary three-course meals need 35 Australian dollars.

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Beautiful Cape Town in South Africa

In the morning it is side by side with the Atlantic Ocean, at night hug Indian to dream, penguins are the neighborhood, listening to the seals singing, Talang chase the shark, the wind associated with ostrich race, enjoy the release of any loaded with eager hearts, the definition of freedom is therefore more fullness. Here is the city of Cape. It is beautiful due to God’s favor…

From the Cape of Storms to the Cape of Good Hope, a beautiful hopeegyptische skulpturen

Cape Town has hardships, but still beautiful as ever. Unique natural scenery created this vibrant seaside city in the land of Africa.

Cape of Good Hope was once the end of the world, the synonymous of terrifying waves, and the maritime lifeline cannot be replaced, the rebirth place in the movie “2012″ after the catastrophe, also not faded memories of childhood textbooks. For a long period of time, almost no one knew of the existence of this cape, Dias Da Jiama these famous navigator, so hide more than one century splendor of stunning available, as well as open a the entrance of a new era. Sail here begins the Atlantic into the Indian Ocean; open up here. It is historic communicating the East and West of the road at sea; bypass to the 15th century, Westerners dream of India. King of Portugal excitement Dias named storm Corner renamed the Cape of Good Hope “, meaning “good hope cape”. Not only that era, the present and the future, the Cape of Good Hope are existing, expectation and hope have been existing!

Table Mountain, the largest dining table in the world
Jeep safari
Table Mountain is in this existence. It has been a symbol of South Africa, the sacred mountain of the hearts of the people, the city of Cape Town’s most gentle rely summon issued by the world’s new seven natural wonders of the world the adhere to the share of the way from the three hundred million years ago. Embark on Table Mountain retreat very calm for the time being, just into a bird with wings and praise with clouds. Step forward, sentimental without disguise to talk with the love of the Atlantic, caught the fish.

This is the world’s largest table. The favorite of the people of South Africa makes it have the reputation of “God’s table”. Since glory belongs to God, beauty is also a cuisine, rarely his old willing to share with the world the summit of that round after round miracle visual feast. As early as in the Rocky Mountains and the Himalayas before the formation of the Table Mountain Enron world. This ancient left most solid play, easily captured the Cape Town until the heart of South Africa as a whole. Table Mountain has been existing, dedication and courage also have been existing.

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A rigorous and romantic country – Germany

German “fairy tale of the Road”, is the Germany’s oldest and one of the most popular holiday travel routes, in length over 600 km from Hanau to Bremen along the way, among more than 65 cities, all the deeply engraved the brothers Grimm’s life trajectory. Brothers Grimm children – Family Tales, have been translated into 160 languages in the world until now. Naturally, this fairy tale set of cultural interest enthusiasts and overseas tourists provided a wonderful Attractions and Travel Guide.

Amazing magical trip, is composed of numerous quaint wooden frame houses, palaces, and castles. Around the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, legends and anecdotes, all over the gorgeous natural landscape, there are: Little Red Riding Hood of ShiWanM city; Sabah Sleeping Beauty Castle; Stern Magdeburg Rapunzel and related Horace Mrs. Meissner mountain legends; Reinhardt forest Dieterich knight; Han Mingdeng iron Dr. Hu Zi, Baron Münchhausen Boden Vail del story; writer William Thermes, Bush described the naughty boy Max and Moritz in Albert Geze endless tease.

When this romantic travel approaches to the end, you will lead an insight into Hameln Rat and Bremen musicians. In “Fairy Tale Road” presented on the culture and history, museums and galleries, everything is closely related to folk customs, and local art. Also in the concerts, the theater can also enjoy the fairy tale story. Unique hillside park in Europe – Bard William Hill, as well as great Hanseatic city of Bremen featured more worthwhile for you to travel.

In summer, puppet theater, open-air performances are especially colorful and lively fairy tale vividly in people will show in your eyes; not only that, the local rich and colorful fairy tales and the art of fusion cooking, Bong dishing out fairy packages; rice farmers; palace feast; medieval-style meals such as Volkswagen, so you can satisfy their appetites. By public transport can also quickly reach the “fairy tale of the road”, but this is a perfect driving route.

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